Active sales

  • Creating sales contacts.
  • Customer management: sales representative solves all customer’s problems, incl. contracted services.
  • Negotiations on the terms of contracts, assortment offers of (new) products.
  • Developing, planning and negotiating terms for customer-based sales campaigns.
  • Mediating sales campaigns’ information approved by the customer to the sales representatives for the execution and control of the campaign.
  • Analysis of the campaign results and feedback to the customer.
  • Market competition analysis.
  • Sales maximising merchandising propositions to the customer.
  • Monthly sales reports.
  • Stock report.


  • Development and implementation of marketing plans.
  • Development and execution of customer-based sales promotion campaigns.
Brand manager service
  • Brand assortment management (product information card, compilation and maintenance of price lists, effectuation of the price changes, optimisation of orders, composing sales forecasts, planning of merchandising, analysis of brand assortment and classification of products).
  • Brand marketing: product launching, planning of sales promotion campaigns.
  • Market entering possibilities for a product/ product group, analysis of competition etc.
  • Overviews of the retail market and identification of the target market.
  • Food processing..
  • Trade law..


Invoicing services enable our clients to simplify the settling of accounts with different customers. When you use our services, we issue invoices to addressees instead of the client. Our client receives money from us as weekly payments. We take on the credit risk.


  • Warehousing
  • Stock management
  • Order completion
  • Transport all over Estonia


  • Shelving services (planogram-based shelving of products in the stores).
  • Realisation of planogram-based changes in the stores (product relocation on the shelf).
  • Price control.
  • Notification on out of stock.
  • Managing problems occurring between the stores and the logistics companies.
Presentations are the perfect opportunity for a direct contact with the client.
  • Degustations
  • Product presentation campaigns
  • Distributing product samples and other promotion materials/gifts
  • Other special deals