Bread crisps BON CHANCE are made from specially baked bread which is cut into thick slices in order to achieve more pleasure when eating.

Spice manufacturer has been asked not to use any ingredients that are marked by letters E and especially – taste and flavor enhancers. Thus you will not experience mysterious umami taste. The buds on your tongue will not send any signals to the brain asking for MORE and MORE when you put crispy slices in your mouth... Moreover, you will not experience the aromatic puff pastry when you open the package. However, the exceptional taste and smell lie somewhere deeper...

Spice mixtures used in these crisps compose of variety of spices, salt, flavorings and other ingredients which are designed to reveal the subtle combination of spice flavors and bread. There are no salami slices in Salami bread crisps. A smoke flavoring provides its taste and flavor.

BON CHANCE is created to enjoy. Just choose any flavor that you like and taste the crisps.